Cargo Rate For General Merchandise Only ( Rate valid for Sea / Air / Truck )

From Hong Kong \ China To All Risks & War
China, Japan, S.Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand 0.15%
Malaysia 0.2%
Philippines 0.25%
Sarawak, Sabah, Vietnam 0.30%
India, Brunei, Cambodia, Burma, Pakistan, indonesia, Bangladesh 0.35%
Europe: -
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, U.K, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, 0.15%
Sweden, Switzerland, Germany 0.15%
Rumania, Poland, Albania, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece 0.25%
C.I.S. (Russia), Moscow 0.30%
N. America: -
Canada, U.S.A 0.15%
Mexico 0.40%
S. America: -
Surinam, Paraguay, Venezuela,Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador,Argentina, Chile 0.50%
C. America: -
Haiti, Dominica, panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Guatemala, Honduras 0.50%
Middle East: -
Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Muscat Oman, Damman, Jeddah, Hodeida 0.30%
Turkey 0.25%
Africa: -
Egypt, S.Africa 0.30%
Djibouti, Sudan, Cameroon, Canary Island, Ivory Coast 0.60%
Algeria, Nigeria, Morocco, Tunisian 0.80%
Other: -
New Zealand Australia 0.15%
Mauritius 0.25%
Fiji Island, Cyprus-limas sol 0.40%
1. General merchandise means non fragile and non valuable items warranted the carrying vessel must not exceed 20 years of age and under 3,000 tons unless exempt by Marine Insurance Association of Hong Kong.
2. The Minimum Charge:HK$300.00
3. We include the service of delivery and, we are always at your service.
4. Transshipment: in other country ( Each Time ) + 0.0875%
5. Surcharge of overage vessel: 21-25 year + 0.0875%
  26-30 year + 0.1750%
I belive that you will find the above competitive and should there be any further information needed or require any other form of insuranc(E.C, Travel, Medical, Home Dafe, Fire, Liability, Motor etc.) then please do not hesitate and feel free to contact us at 23910077.
Thanks for your kind attention! And we are looking forward to receiving your reply.

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